MSc Project Submissions

This year, we had an excellent collection of students and projects, and we want to celebrate them and congratulate them on their achievements. Congratulations to Andreas, Carlos, Lorenzo, Michelangelo, Neil, and Thomas! We wish you all the best for the future.

  • Andreas Hochlehnert (UCL): A Contact-Aware Symplectic Integrator Network
  • Carlos Xu (UCL): Autoencoder Gaussian Process for High-Dimensional Bayesian Optimization
  • Lorenzo Minto (UCL): Gaussian Process Regression and Multi-task Learning for Commodity Spot Price Forecasting
  • Michelangelo Conserva (UCL): A Novel Kernel for Ranked Data
  • Neil Leiser (UCL): Nowcasting Solar Photovoltaics Output based on Satellite Images
  • Thomas French (Imperial College): Analyzing Fuel Load from GPS
Marc Deisenroth
Marc Deisenroth
Google DeepMind Chair of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence